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Stanhope has been the property market leader in the United Kingdom region leveraging its 30 years of combined experience to bring a global perspective with the highest marketing standards to the local property marketplace. 


Real estate investment is the best option for building a long-lasting and sustainable heritage. We are selective across every asset category & help with all kinds of residential and commercial real estate in United Kingdom region.


Our dynamic team has a comprehensive view of the UK's property market and integrates a variety of disciplines into a unique expert skill set. This enables us to optimize the potential of each property and actively shape our added value.


How the heck did we manage this?

We get this all the time from our clients; It sure is the best compliment; our real pride is when our finds create value for our investors, partners and stakeholders. To go further and farther than the rest means more than just creating superior access to the best deals. Let's show you what differentiates us from the average investment broker.

Our knowledge and experience means rewarding investment

With over 30 years of compined experience in turning opportunities into favourable returns, we know what it takes to sustain continual ROI. Our intelligent approach to risk mitigation with our client interests in mind helps us navigate and balance risk and return. With us, your money is handled as our own - with scrutiny, calculation and patience.
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What do you need help with?

Buying Services

We emphasise Value delivery with a priority to represent you solely. Through our extensive network, we aim to source the best available opportunity based on your requirements and budget.

Renting Services

Based on the client requirements, we source long- and short-term property assets for our clients. We serve local. Students & overseas clients and help with furnishing and interiors if required.

Investment Services

Stanhope focuses on value investing. We invest selectively across category assets, ensuring suitable value markers: solid fundamentals, strong earning power and continued potential growth, Thus turning opportunities into favourable returns.

Management Services

Whether for individuals or institutions, residential property or commercial, our team ensures professional property management and frees you from all the tasks associated with renting, managing or maintaining your asset in the UK.

Selling Services

Based on our experience and knowledge of local markets, our primary goal will be to achieve the best market price for your asset whilst supporting you from start to end of your selling process.

Professional Services

We manage sizeable real estate folios- residential & commercial. The strategies and the advice we provide are comprehensive, including asset design, marketing, administrative & surveying. 

Development Services

The approach to our work is inclusive and collaborative. We source, add value via planning, refurbish and then sell, ensuring no corners are cut, quality is upheld, and services are efficient & transparent - An end to end solution.

Design Services

Designing Spaces Loved by Families, Investors, Councils & Builders. Our services include undertaking an initial Feasibility Study, and our team assists with Planning & Building Permits. Our design team then executes the interiors.



With great determination, discipline and scrutiny, we apply highly selective criteria to find the hidden gems that make our clients really happy. 


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We always want to go a step further, so we take the time to find solutions that meet your needs. Let's go further with your property hopes and dreams.



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