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Looking to Invest in the United Kingdom Property Market?

The best option for building up a long-lasting and sustainable heritage is real estate investment, and we invest selectively across every asset category to create long-term value for our investors. We acquire, develop, and asset manage all kinds of residential and commercial real estate in the UK.


How the heck did we manage this?

We get this all the time from our clients; It sure is the best compliment; our real pride is when our finds create value for our investors, partners and stakeholders. To go further and farther than the rest means more than just creating superior access to the best deals. Let's show you what differentiates us from the average investment broker.

Our knowledge and experience means rewarding investment

With over 30 years of compined experience in turning opportunities into favourable returns, we know what it takes to sustain continual ROI. Our intelligent approach to risk mitigation with our client interests in mind helps us navigate and balance risk and return. With us, your money is handled as our own - with scrutiny, calculation and patience.




Study of your project

During this essential first phase, we analyze your needs together and propose a tailor-made offer considering your budget, medium and long-term personal objectives, taxation, debt capacity, etc. and see every investment as an opportunity to support our client's investment goals and enrich local environments, cities and communities.


Renovation and furnishing

Smart Invest takes care of the management of the work to be carried out before the rental: selection of companies, negotiation of quotes, complete monitoring of the work and acceptance of the site. Depending on the case, simple refurbishment or complete renovation, we have carried out more than 250 renovations of studios and apartments since our creation


Service Name

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Asset search & Analysis

Once your project has been defined, we target the best real estate opportunities.
Stanhope advises you throughout the acquisition process: from the search for the property to the signature at the notary.Careful selection criteria ensure we will assess the right value markers: solid fundamentals, strong earning power and potential for continued growth. That’s what investors like to see.



The Rental Management division of Stanhope takes care of the rental of your property. We do not use an external service provider who does not know you.It is our Rental Management team that manages all of our investors' properties, which takes care of all the stages of the rental process: professional photo shoot of your property, posting of the ad on several media media 


Service Name

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How do we make it happen?


TIME TO MARKET (TTM)~ Avg time 16 weeks

Study of your project


Our Engineered workstation and manufacturing design, the digital product development process,Optimal regulatory compliance, transparency across supply chain contributes to an efficient ecosystem with a manufacturing capacity of 150,000 units per year ensuring best in class quality and timely deliveries of the products.

75 member creative  teams  with the latest designing CAD/CAM software



SGF group designs and manufactures both bespoke and private/white label goods, giving you access  to vast range of  products. We Have a team of highly-skilled designers and 60 skilled artisan workers and utilise rich, creative energy: The traditional embroidery techniques, the colours, and the exotic silhouettes. Translating them into contemporary  designs.

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